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March 28th live show

This is our live show from the 28th march, have a listen for conversations about weed, varsity and the Rotherham child sex scandal

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Peter Reynolds, BBC Radio Norfolk, 28th March 2017

BBC Radio's Nick Conrad interviews Peter Reynolds about the medicinal use of cannabis following reports of Deryn Blackwell's remarkable recovery from cancer

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Freshmxn - High. (prod. @uzibeats)

Single Release prod by @uzibeats | mastered by @londonfuture Socials Instagram @TheFreshmxn Twitter @TheFreshmxn Tumblr @TheFreshmxn Snapchat @tharealfreshman

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SCC Events Demo Mix

SCC Events are Fu&>;%$ wild be sure to check them out on Instagram: southerncaliforniaconnections & frootyloopsevent Tickets: here is my Exclusive mix for the man him self filled with foul dub and trap by some of the greatest artist ..

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TBP120 - The Token Protocol

Nate Dogg said it best: 'Smoke weed everyday'. Well, at least the legal kind, right? Well this episode, it's blockchain meets cannabis as The TOKES Platform provides a digital currency solution dedicated to the Cannabis Industry via a token called, you gue

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Drift Away

Single: Drift Away off of the upcoming full length project "I Will Never Fail You"

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3PLT 003: Let's Call It White Privilege

The crew delves into white privilege and masked racism; TJ's inadvertent intimacy with a tranny; recurring guest, Doyle, discusses some of his online book-marking preferences.

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3.23.17 - The Comey Fallout and more

Trumps spending bill for NASA,China pulls ahead of America in Medical marijuana,Paul Manafort and Trump campaign colluding with Russia?John McCain vs. Rand Paul! North Korea Situation and more on the Minutemen

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Special Guest COO Of Receptra

Ash speaks with the COO of Receptra to get the low down on the Hemp revolution. Its health benefits, how to use their products, along with discussing the stigma that is changing around the world about using legal products derived from cannabis.

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Janice Simpkins: Industrial Hemp and Flax Seminars

The Northern Alberta Development Council is hosting a couple of industrial hemp and flax seminars. Executive Director Janis Simpkins. The Industrial Hemp and Flax: A Growing Northern Alberta Opportunity seminars are March 30 in St. Paul and April 4 in Whit

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Grow Science- Calcium and Magnesium in Marijuana, with Roscoe

It's on to the secondary nutrients in today's episode of Grow Science! Roscoe is in the studio to discuss the science behind the elements Calcium, and Magnesium- not only in cannabis, but in other plants and soil.

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Smoke Sesh- Marijuana Propaganda Part 2, with Patrick Kohlhagen and Akira

Patrick Kohlhagen makes his long awaited return on this Smoke Sesh episode, bringing Akira along with him into the studio. Today's episode is a sequel to the first marijuana propaganda show, make sure to go back and listen to the first part! Also check out

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Episode 43 - Krystyna Hutchinson

It's a drug-filled episode this week as the fellas talk to NYC comic/podcaster/author Krystyna Hutchinson (Sorry About Last Night, Guys We Fucked podcast) about her first time taking an edible (which lead to a meltdown in an airport), her first time doing

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