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Make Your Own Cannabis Tea

If you’ve been on a coffee kick lately and you feel the effects of the harsh caffeine addiction, you might want to consider tea instead. I think it is needless to say that tea is better for you. Not only has it

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New Cannabis Strain Designed to Help Women Orgasm

Right now, you can pick up a cannabis strain to improve or enhance just about anything in your life. If you are in need of something to help you study harder, no problem. If you prefer a strain that pretty much knocks

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Cannabis Worth "Thousands" Found on UK Beach After £50m of Cocaine Found on Norfolk Beach

Cannabis in the United Kingdom has once again been making headlines for an entirely different reason – one that seems to have become surprisingly commonplace as of late. Once again, an individual out innocently taking their dog for a walk came across

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Which US States Could Legalize Marijuana 2017?

The subject as to additional north American States legalizing recreational and/or medical cannabis is more a case of when, rather than if. Following the monumental shift in US cannabis policy on the back of the November 2016 ballots, it is now seen as some

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DEA Website Discreetly Discards Dangerous Cannabis Lies

It’s not very often to hear of the highest-ranking authorities backtracking on previous comments and admitting they were wrong. In the rare instances though they do, it’s equally uncommon for them to make much of a song and dance about it. Instead,

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Can CBD Oil Help With Epilepsy or is THC Needed to be Effective?

Jamie asks can CBD Oil help with Epilepsy or does it need THC to be effective?Jamie,Thank you for your excellent question. Let me first state that I am not a licensed physician. With cannabis still scheduled as an illegal drug and

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Tackling the Issue of Cannabis and Depression

Right now, more people than ever before are turning to medical cannabis for the purposes of self-medicating the symptoms of depression. Generally speaking, most people with diagnosed or even suspected cases of depression do not view standard pharmaceutical

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Cannabis Cultivation: Why It’s Worth Giving Hydroponics a Shot

Over recent years, hydroponic cultivation has ceased being an unusual niche and has evolved into a cannabis cultivation frontrunner. Which for the most part comes down to the fact that getting hold of the most outstanding hydroponics hardware and associate

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UK Cheese - The Best Ever Skunk #1 Phenotype

Given the fact that comparatively few epic cannabis strains come out of the United Kingdom, those that do, like UK Cheese, should really be celebrated. In fact, given the way in which cannabis legislation in the UK is so painfully restrictive and outdated,

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Medical Marijuana Legalized in Germany for “Exceptional” Cases

Over the last few years, Germany has retained its place right at the front of the queue when it comes to the most likely European countries to legalize cannabis. Attitudes to cannabis in general have been comparatively relaxed in Germany for some time now,

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Legalize 2017 – Which Countries Are Next?

Legalize 2017While 2016 may have been one of the most important years for cannabis legalization in history, advocates on a global basis are already looking to the future. Or should that be, looking forward to a more liberal and proactive future in terms of

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Medi Bomb #1 High CBD High THC Medical Strain

Primarily turned to as a medicinal strain, Medi Bomb #1 by Bomb Seeds has plenty of appeal in recreational as well as medical circles. It was produced by bringing together Bomb #1 with an undisclosed medical strain from

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Cannabis Anatomy - What’s in A Bud from Cola to Trichomes?

Cannabis Anatomy- Know the difference between a Cola and a CalyxYou think you know cannabis well enough but what about cannabis anatomy? At least, you know you live the stuff and have got a pretty good handle on how to identify a quality batch. You might h

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Who and Where Legalized Cannabis in 2016 (Part 1)

Legalized Cannabis in 20162016 is guaranteed to go down in the history books as a truly remarkable year. Regardless of whether you are happy with any of the specific outcomes, you have nonetheless witnessed important history in the making but exactly who l

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Five Cannabis Strains For First-Time Growers

What are the best cannabis strains for first-time growers? You probably don’t need anyone to tell you that all cannabis strains are by no means the same. This includes the way they grow, which is precisely why it is extremely important to be mindful of whi

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How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Sprouting seeds Technically speaking, it’s possible to germinate pretty much any cannabis seeds you come across – including those you’d rather not find in your baggie. However, if you’re looking to grow the kind of stuff you can be proud of, you need to

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A Toke Too Far? How to Survive an Overwhelming High

It’s somewhere we’ve all been on our way to becoming an experienced stoner and is an unpleasant experience we can all relate to. It’s also something that tends to happen on a relatively regular basis to those trying out cannabis concentrates or super

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UK Pot Policy ‘Embarrassingly’ Outdated, MPs Warn

The United Kingdom is falling embarrassingly, some say even dangerously behind when it comes to its domestic drugs policy. As the United States continues its journey towards total decriminalisation of cannabis, it’s as if things in the UK have somehow got

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Weed Memes

Weed Memes Weed isn't a gateway drug Cannabis prohibition ruins lives How it feels watching other states

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New Bill Could Legalize Cannabis and Opium Across India

Cannabis In IndiaContrary to popular belief, it isn’t only the United States where cannabis legalization has been changing and is expected to continue changing radically as of late. In various parts of Europe, New Zealand, Australia and indeed India, canna

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Ireland to Pass Medical Cannabis Bill Today

Today could be a great day for Irish medical patients as the Dáil is expected to pass a vote for use of medical cannabis prescribed by Doctors. The government has said that it will not oppose the vote intended to legalize medical cannabis. The bill

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Australia Legalizes Medical Cannabis But Closes Vital Information Service

With all the action taking place in the United States right now, it’s easy to forget that there is in fact an important cannabis scene in most nations worldwide. It may be the US that’s making the biggest news right now in terms

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How Will Trump’s Newfound Power Effect the Cannabis Industry?

Will Donald Trump legalize cannabis? To say that this year has proved to be an important year for the cannabis industry would be something of an understatement. Quite simply, never has a single day had such a revolutionary impact on the future

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Election Day Sale | VapeWorld

Looking for a quality vaporizer? offers a variety of vaporizers including the famous Volcano vaporizer and Vapir One 5.0 Vaporizer. For those needing to buy vaporizer parts or accessories we also offer a wide variety of vaporizer parts, acces

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