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Colorado Crackdown on Homegrown Cannabis Advances | Leafly

A Colorado plan to crack down on homegrown cannabis is heading to the governor's desk after lawmakers changed the bill to give cannabis patients more leeway.

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Nevada Considers Social Consumption Bill - MPP Blog

Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom introduced Senate Bill 236, which aims to allow social use of marijuana in public places such as lounges, bars, coffee shops, and special events like fairs and concerts. SB 236 would allow local governments to issue permits to

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Autism, AIDS, Alzheimer's Among New Cannabis Oil-Eligible Conditions | Cannabis Culture

A compromise bill to expand the conditions that can legally be treated with cannabis oil in Georgia is set to go before the Georgia House of Representatives on Wednesday. On Friday, a House committee approved changes to Senate Bill 16 which add several new

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Dear Donald... Be Our Guest | Cannabis Culture

An open invite from The New Smoker to President Trump and Attorney General Sessions.   Dear President Trump, I read the recent comments Attorney General Jeff Sessions made about recreational cannabis, and I was alarmed that your administration may be plann

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Israel Marijuana: Users to Face Fine Rather than Criminal Charge | Cannabis Culture

The Israeli government has taken steps to reduce the penalties for personal marijuana use. It backed plans to issue fines initially, and only resort to criminal charges for repeat offenders. Selling, buying and producing the drug will remain illegal and th

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Vancouver Pharma Startup Cuts Up Cannabis for Curative Compounds | Cannabis Culture

As Canada’s prime minister talks up the imminent legalization of marijuana, a Vancouver-based pharmaceutical startup is taking the cannabis plant apart to find compounds that could treat disorders ranging from glaucoma to a rare skin disorder. InMed Pharma

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Marc & Jodie Emery Arrested! | Cannabis Culture

Here’s what we know so far. Activists, Global movement leaders and torch bearers for progressive marijuana policy Marc & Jodie Emery, of the Cannabis Culture tribe, have been arrested while scheduled to be at Spannabis, the World’s Largest Cannabis Expo in

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Police Execute Nationwide Assault on Cannabis Culture | Cannabis Culture

Photo credit [email protected] In a nationally coordinated raid codenamed “Operation Gator,” Cannabis Culture locations across Canada were singled out and attacked. At least five people including Marc Emery, Jodie Emery, Chris Goodwin, Erin Goodwin and Britney G

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When They Try to Bury Us, They Forget That We Are Seeds | Cannabis Culture

Hi there. I’m DanKres (pronounced: Dank- Rez). I am the new Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine. I accept this job with full respect for the effort it demands, the sacrifices made by our movement’s trailblazers and the relentless joy of inclusion in this t

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Marc, Jodie and the CC 3 Free, With a Hefty Pricetag | Cannabis Culture

photo by Cannabis Culture instagram Marc, Jodie and the CC 3 (Eric and Chris Goodwin, Britney Guerra) have been ordered to each pay $30,000 in bail and abide by a series of restrictions. Bail conditions include a ban on possessing or consuming marijuana an

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Police Identify 8 Charged in Marijuana Dispensary Raids | Cannabis Culture

London police have released the identities of the eight people charged in last week’s raids at five illegal marijuana dispensaries. A total of $169,659 in controlled substances and approximately $3,220 in currency was seized in the simultaneous noon-hour r

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6 People Arrested Following a Raid at a Kingston Marijuana Dispensary | Cannabis Culture

4 days. That’s how long Canna-Green on Princess Street was open before Kingston Police shut it down. Thursday night the force’s street crime unit executed a search warrant. It lasted almost 5 hours. “There were quite a few drinks that are labelled to conta

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Pot for Pets: Owners Treating Sick Animals with Cannabis | Cannabis Culture

Michael Fasman’s 12-year-old dog, Hudson, limps from pain caused by arthritis and an amputated toe, but Fasman doesn’t want to give her painkillers because “they just knock her out.” So the San Francisco resident has turned to an alternative medicine that

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Edmonton HempFest Expo Addresses Legalized Marijuana Issues | Cannabis Culture

Recreational marijuana users are lazy. That’s the stereotype entrepreneur John Carlson wanted to break while manning a booth for his business at the HempFest Cannabis Expo at the Shaw Conference Centre on Saturday. The 26-year-old is the owner of Boxcar St

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4 Arrested After Police Bust Marijuana Dispensary in Kitchener | Cannabis Culture

Police seized large amounts of money, marijuana and hash, as well as edible treats and beverages. Waterloo Regional Police arrested four people Friday after searching a marijuana dispensary in downtown Kitchener. Police say they initiated an investigation

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'Normalizing It:' Hemp & Cannabis Fair Continues at Fairgrounds | Cannabis Culture

While the future of recreational marijuana is in doubt nationally, hundreds of people are flocking to the Benton County Fairgrounds this weekend to celebrate medical and recreational marijuana use locally. The 2nd annual Hemp & Cannabis Fair, held this wee

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Charges Laid Against Marc and Jodie Emery in Toronto Could Mean Life in Prison | Cannabis Culture

Following a series of raids at Cannabis Culture pot shop across the country, including the chain’s headquarters at 370 West Hastings Street, owners Marc and Jodie Emery have been arrested and charged with a long list of offences by the Toronto Police Servi

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Please Stop Arresting Marijuana Activists, For Canada's Sake | Cannabis Culture

Last week police arrested Marc Emery for the 30th time. It is believed this is the first time he’s been arrested since police in Montreal picked him up in December, but it’s tough to keep track. Police also raided Cannabis Culture dispensaries owned by him

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The Art of Disappearing - Visual Exchange with JesusHands aka the "Hollyweed" Guy | Cannabis Culture

Prolific Pot Artist and Dank Master Zen Prankster JesusHands aka Zach Fernandez aka “The HollyWeed Guy” was the first person to “break” the internet in 2017. He did it while in bed. And he did it in the name of peace, love and an ever holy buzz. Since you

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Number of Medical Marijuana Users has Quadrupled Since Liberals Won Election | Cannabis Culture

Data obtained by CTV News shows the number of Canadians registered to use medical marijuana has soared from 30,000 to nearly 130,000 since Justin Trudeau became prime minister, after campaigning on a promise to legalize the drug. In the month before the Oc

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This Start-Up is Building a Bridge Between Banks and Legal Marijuana Sellers | Cannabis Culture

The marijuana industry is picking up as legalization sweeps the country, but there are still some wrinkles to be ironed out. In particular, most banks won’t deal with weed businesses, which means they can’t take credit cards. That means buyers have to carr

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The Poster Children for Medical Cannabis Can’t Access Medical Cannabis | Cannabis Culture

It’s been two years since the battle for medicinal cannabis legalisation really kicked off in Australia, and many patients are still exactly where they started. In October 2015 the then premier of NSW Mike Baird published a lengthy note on his Facebook pag

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Cooler Full of Weed Donated to Goodwill | Cannabis Culture

Somebody donated a lot more than they intended to at a Goodwill in Washington State last week. Goodwill employees in Monroe got a surprise when they opened a donated cooler and found marijuana. Make that lots of marijuana. Monroe police were called in to i

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