Marijuana and Spirituality (Does Pot/Weed/Cannabis Enhance Spirituality?) - Teal Swan

❤ Teal's web page: ❤ Teal's Meditations: ❤ Teal's eshop: Pot, otherwise known as cannabis or marijuana, is considered a spiritual medicine and has been used as such

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Cannabis Books Haul + Toke and Talk

In this video I share with you a few cannabis books a friend has sent to me on loan. 0:51 First book I show you is Too High To Fail - link to this book on Amazon: 1:12 The Pot Book - link to this on Amazon: 1:4

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Drugs & Spirituality

Drugs & Spirituality is a weekly podcast that focuses on the effect drugs have on our spiritual beings. In the upcoming weeks I'll be discussing Marijuana, LSD(aka Acid), ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, and other drugs. I'll also be interviewing drug consumers

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Jared Hoffman on The Stoner's Coloring Book and How Coloring Can Enhance Your High

With The Stoner's Coloring Book, Jared Hoffman has created the first adult coloring book designed specifically with stoners in mind. Hoffman, a graduate of Cornell University now living in Brooklyn, worked with artists around the world to compiled over for

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Book Launch: Start & Run a Marijuana Dispensary or Pot Shop by Jay Currie

We are pleased to announce the book launch of Start & Run a Marijuana Dispensary or Pot Shop by Jay Currie! On October 25, 2016, Jay Currie will visit Book Warehouse on Main Street for the launch of his new business book: Start & Run a Marijuana Dispensary

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How To Roll A Joint: A Guide For The Complete Beginner, an Ebook by Allan Richard

If you've never rolled a joint before, or never even saw one being rolled, this book will teach you how. If you fumble and curse, and are disappointed with the results, this book can help you. If you can roll alright but want to do better, this book has lo

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3.10.17 STEPHEN GRAY: Cannabis and Spirituality | KGRA Digital Broadcasting

TOPICS: #cannabis #spirituality #medicine #plants #consciousness #intelligence #ritual #ceremony #meditation #buddhism #yoga #Marijuana #nonordinarystates #shamanism #entheogens #reality #ayahuasca #healing #creativity #innertraditions THIS FRIDAY, 3.10.17

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Cannabis Book Wins Independent Book Award | Cannabis Now

The normalization of cannabis has hit another high-water mark this year with the Benjamin Franklin Award given to Jorge Cervantes’ “The Cannabis Encyclopedia” by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) in April. It was the first cannabis-focused

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Canada's biggest selection of Canadian books, Canadian authors, book reviews, book lists, and more. Join the online book community.

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WHAT IS UP WORLD?! Join us today on CRUTCH as we get insanely high reviewing Quality Choices California Gorilla Glue weed vs the Colorado Gorilla glue weed PLUS the Live Resin dabs made from both strains flowers!!! If you enjoyed this video please SLAM tha

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New Study Proves Marijuana Shrinks Aggressive Brain Tumors

In addition to the 2007 Harvard University study showing that cannabis drastically cuts tumor growth, we now have MRI evidence to show cannabis actually shrinks aggressive brain tumors. reports: "Part One – The Worldwide Escalation o

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Marijuana May Help Cancer Patients, But Questions Remain

Marijuana could potentially help cancer patients who have nausea or pain, and could possibly even be used as a treatment for certain cancers, but much more research is needed before any of these uses could be recommended, a new review article said. There i

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CBD Hemp Oil Taffy from CBD Essence - Legal CBD Edibles Review

CBD Essence Main Website (sign up for their email newsletter to get a code for 10% off!) (referral link) Hemp Taffy Standalone Site (referral link)

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Berry White Indica White Widow Offspring Cannabis Smoke Sesh Pot Review 420 Weedtuber

(18+) *LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT* Hey Stoners Welcome to The Johno Show Live I’m your host Jonathan. It’s Thursday January 19th 2017 and Thursday’s are strain review smoke sesh days. Today we’re gonna review some Berry White. Berry White is a 100% Ind

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I'm Roadbloc. I write books and play Doom. You'll probably be most interested in the book part however. I'm into writing crazy little stories (little stores that often become big stories because I get carried away) that eventually make it to Kindle and Pap

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Do We Know The Truth About Pot?

VANCOUVER - As it turns out, Nov. 6, 2012, was a big day for marijuana laws.Voters in Colorado and Washington state approved initiatives to legalize pot, setting the stage for the regulated production

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Antique Cannabis Book / A Price Guide to Antiques

Antique Cannabis Book / A Price Guide to Antiques. With Over 600 Pre-1937 Medical Cannabis Products Documented -a Great Resource book for the Antique Cannabis Collector

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U.S.: This Is Groundbreaking - Cannabis Encyclopedia Takes Mainstream Book Award | Hemp News

In what looks to be the first time the mainstream "book world" has presented any award to a cannabis book, George Van Patten -- AKA Jorge Cervantes -- was presented the Gold Benjamin Franklin Award from the Independent Book Publishers Association for <i>Th

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GET A G-STONE WITH CODE 'CRUTCH'! - WHAT IS UP WORLD?! Join me today on CRUTCH with some dabs as I get high reviewing the amazing BAY 11 shatter from Quality Choice!! If you enjoyed this video please SLAM that LIKE button

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The Many Uses of Hemp Part 4 - Spirituality - ISMOKE Magazine

Over the past few weeks, our many uses of hemp series has covered the use of the cannabis plant in Fuel, Paper, Textiles, Building Materials, Food and Medicine. Finally, we come to cannabis and its use in spirituality. Lots of people use cannabis because t

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Cannabis church Makes it's debut in Lansing

LANSING - A cannabis congregation. A parish of pot supporters. Marijuana missionaries. Approximately 50 people gathered Sunday in south Lansing for the debut of a new church: The First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason. The gathering was a kick-off for w

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