What Is The Endocannabinoid System? - Medical Marijuana 411

What Is The Endocannabinoid System? The endocannabinoid system is a central regulatory system that affects a wide range of biological processes. It consists of a group of molecules known as cannabinoids as well as the cannabinoid receptors that they bind t

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Weed Cash

As marijuana tax receipts roll in, city leaders look to direct dollars toward street maintenance and police

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Ganja Grows Up

Nutty notes of chestnut and coffee. Flowery violet and honey. If you thought that was in reference to a wine someone's drinking, you'd be wrong...kind...

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Industry Panic

As of Oct. 1, Oregon Liquor Control Commission rules require cannabis products to meet new, higher standards for testing, packaging and labeling. The new rules...

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Commuting Drug Sentences

Should you have to stay in prison when your crime is no longer a crime? Last week, Smoke Signals detailed the difficulties facing people who...

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What was in those Mashed Potatoes!?

Now that cannabis has been legal long enough to generate some reliable sales data, people in the industry are starting to ask the question: What...

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Cannabis Policy in Bizarre-o World

Nearly 50 years ago, President Nixon declared war on certain drugs. A lot of people weren't convinced that cannabis was terrible, so Congress established a...

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Who Opposes Cannabis Legalization?

This November, more Americans will vote on the question of legalizing cannabis than ever before. Voters in five states will vote on so-called recreational use,...

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The People Have Spoken

Americans' opinions about cannabis have changed dramatically over the last decade and are now "nearly the reverse" of what they were as recently as 2006,...

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Denver Legalizes Social Use of Cannabis

The recent national election resulted in some huge steps forward for legal cannabis. California tripled the size of the legal recreational cannabis market in the...

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Cannabis Under Cinnamon Man

Will Trump's election mark the end of legal cannabis in the United States?

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Was It All Just a Blue Dream?

Many Americans of many different backgrounds have been gripped with fear over the possible consequences of the recent presidential election. But one group of "undesirable"...

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The Battle to Smoke in a Public Space

As Smoke Signals noted a few weeks ago, Denver took a big leap forward last month by becoming the first major city to legalize "social"...

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Around the World in Cannabis

This week, Smoke Signals goes around the world in cannabis news, starting in the Great White North: Legalization in Alaska Santa may be extra jolly...

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Top Cannabis Strains of 2016

As a bad year comes to a close, Smoke Signals considers the best strains of 2016. The strains making the list are both strong sellers...

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Mapping Cannabis Use

Every year, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health asks Americans about their use of cannabis and other drugs. The results of the 2015...

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Drugmakers fought state opioid limits amid crisis

The makers of prescription painkillers have adopted a 50-state strategy that includes hundreds of lobbyists and millions in campaign contributions to help kill or weaken measures aimed at stemming the tide of prescription opioids, the drugs at the heart of

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Letters 10/19-10/26

Walden is Wrong The Source Weekly has endorsed Democrat Jim Crary to replace Republican Congressman Greg Walden. Thank you for recognizing that Mr. Walden is...

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First-ever marijuana growers' fair opens in Oregon

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — People flocked to Oregon's first-ever marijuana growers' fair on Saturday where a competition for best pot plants was being held, with the winners to be displayed at the Oregon State Fair. The inaugural two-day Oregon Cannabis Growers' F

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The World of Hemp - Ms. Career Girl

The world of hemp and hemp oil is seemingly controversial, because hemp is cannabis.  Which means hemp is a drug, right? This could not be farther from the truth.   Because hemp comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant, and contains only trace amounts of THC,

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Green CulturED Releases Its Aquapoinc Gardening Guide For Medical Cannabis Growers

Green CulturED is happy to release its newest university book called the Aquaponic Gardening Guide inform precisely ways to grow medical cannabis by benefiting from aquaponics. The Aquaponic Gardening Guide strives to support cannabis aquaponic garden enth

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Marijuana legalization still contentious in Oregon counties

REDMOND, Oregon (AP) — Last year, Lindsey Pate and her husband, Christopher, bought 15 acres of high desert covered in junipers in central Oregon, where they planned to grow marijuana in greenhouses to sell for recreational use. In December, however, Desch

Edibles and Concentrates Already Make up a Quarter of Oregon’s Cannabis Sales

Oregonians really, really love cannabis edibles and concentrates, a new report by a industry research company shows. Edibles and concentrates in June became legal to sell to recreational customers in Oregon. They grabbed almost a quarter of Oregon’s recrea

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