Pottawa Episode 38 - Reefer Madness 3

This week Russell talks about the following articles: Ottawa Police raiding pot shops across the city; 9 arrested LIVE: Po

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Ottawa's Best Marijuana Dispensary Shops | What it’s Like to be Inside the Ottawa Dispensary | Ottawa Dispensary

It is understandable that getting your hands on marijuana these days may look like you are into something illegal. But these days, they are slowly penetrating the conventional medical world as many doctors are beginning to use it as an alternative way to h

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Ottawa's Best Marijuana Dispensary Shops | What you need to enter a Medical Marijuana Dispensary | Ottawa Dispensary

The first thing to do is to find a doctor that will sign your medical marijuana recommendation. The medical marijuana dispensaries in ottawa is home to various types of marijuana strains and edibles that are intended for medical uses.

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Pottawa Episode 39

This week Russell talks about the following articles: Ottawa medical marijuana dispensary plans to stay open despite raids … Kettleman's Bagels

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Ottawa's Best Marijuana Dispensary Shops | Tips on Finding a Reputable Medical Ottawa Marijuana Doctor | Ottawa Dispensary

A lot of patients are now grappling on straws just to make their disease or illness go away. One of the most common reasons that patients are seeking medical Ottawa marijuana is that it can heal them faster compared to conventional medicine. These days, ma

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420 Games 2016 San Francisco - Pato Banton concert @ Golden Gate Park BANDSHELL

FUN RUN STARTS AND ENDS AT THE BANDSHELL which is right next to DeYong Museum. This fun run takes place on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park and we are "GOING THE EXTRA MILE" for cannabis respect. Instead of a typical 5K (3.1 mile) run, this will be a 4.20 mil

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Pottawa Episode 40 - Shawn MacAleese (audio fixed)

This week Russell talks about the following articles: Charges laid in marijuana dispensary robberies Ottawa judge stays 1st-degree murder charge over trial delay htt

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420 Games 2016 Denver @ Berkeley Lake Park

THE DENVER 420 GAMES! Featuring a concert by PATO BANTON. A 4.20 Mile Fun Run/Walk to change the perception of cannabis and the people that use it within a resonsible and athletic lifesyle! DETAILS: LOCATION: Berkeley Lake Park EVENT: Rain or Shine FOOD: F

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Pottawa Episode 54

This week: Cannabis Culture opens dispensary location steps from Parliament Hill Governments making millions on illegal pot shops: Owners

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🌾 Ear Of Rice | KnowYourSmiley

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Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video) - Listen On Spotify: Download Rick's Number 1 album "50" - Buy On iTunes: Amazon: http:

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Pottawa Episode 41 - Clayton Goodwin

Pottawa Episode 41 This week Russell talks about the following articles: Pot raids cause stir with activists Lia Pizarro Four of the seven illegal pot shops raided by police are now back in business Green Tree, WeeMedical and Ca

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Marijuana dispensary set to open in west Ottawa

Ottawa's latest medical marijuana dispensary is set to open this week in west Ottawa right next to a school.

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Consider It: The Future of Marijuana in Pennsylvania

With Pennsylvania having legalized medical marijuana, it’s time for a frank discussion of the implications if Pennsylvania follows in Colorado’s footsteps and pursues full legalization. State Sen. Judy Schwank and Berks County Commissioners Chairman Christ

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💐 Bouquet | KnowYourSmiley

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Goo Goo Dolls - Slide [Official Music Video]

The new album Boxes featuring the single "So Alive" is available for pre-order now. Get it on iTunes here: "Slide" is available on Vinyl for the first time EVER. Get your Limited Edition copy of ‪"Dizzy Up The Girl" now at: http

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We wish you a Metal Xmas (and a headbanging new year) ✫✪☆ \m/ ✫✪☆

✫✪☆ Metal Xmas ✫✪☆ performed from: Alice Cooper,DIO,Dave Grohl,Lemmy,Tony Iommi,Steve Lukather,George Lynch,Steve Morse,Tommy Shaw,Geoff Tate. All rights belong to the rightful owners! (1.) 00:00 We Wish You a Merry Xmas (2.) 04:38 Run Rudolph Run (3.) 08:

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Ottawa police looking into illegal marijuana dispensaries

Ottawa police say they're "aware" of medical marijuana dispensaries popping up illegally across the city, including one in Vanier that just opened its doors last weekend.

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National Cannabis Region: Illegal pot stores pop up across Ottawa

Two Canadian marijuana dispensary chains have moved into Ottawa, opening three stores and planning more. Stittsville is also about to get a marijuana dispensary, which will bring to six the number of store-front businesses illegally selling marijuana in Ot

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Pottawa Episode 37 - Wayne Robillard

City bylaw officers the latest authorities to take aim at Ottawa's pot shops … Landlords and tenants to fight out right to grow medical mar

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5 charged after police raid Bank Street pot dispensary

Five people have been charged with drug-related offences after Ottawa police raided an illegal marijuana dispensary on Bank Street Thursday morning.

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Public Lecture: Legal Marijuana in Canada - An inside look

Eugene Oscapella is an Ottawa lawyer and a lecturer on drug policy in the University of Ottawa Criminology Department. He has worked on drug policy reform issues for almost three decades. He will describe many of the reasons for moving away from a system o

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Ontario police seize 2,000 marijuana plants after raid on abandoned slaughterhouse

Two Ottawa men are facing charges after police seized more than 2,000 marijuana plants from a grow op at a vacant meat processing plant in Beckwith Township, Ont.

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